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35 years!

I'm so glad we are throwing this together!  I had a blast at our 25th!  I can tell any of you who might be thinking, high school classmates?  who cares!  But I can tell you that so many of the people we graduated with who were at the 25th were so fun to see again.  I think the years brings about a humility that maybe some of us did not possess at our 5th year and 10th year reunions.  Maybe getting older will do that to you!  No matter if you were a wallflower or Mr. Popularity.  Everyone is welcome and you will be missed if you don't attend! 


Let's get back in touch with as many people as possible and spread the word!

Susan Pogorzelski

Couldn't agree more, Sue!  We've all changed a lot, and it's great to see who people have "become" over time.  We should have a really fun night!

Laura Radke
Tony Witzmann passing

Some sad news today.

Todd Peterson
Class Reunion

I hate that I missed our 5,10,and 25 year reunion It would have been good to see old classmates. I will attend our 35 reunion for sure. l can't wait to see everyone.


April Bates-Drew.

April Bates

The deadline for reservations is coming up fast--June 29th!  If you register and paid but did not receive a receipt,  please check your credit card or Pay pal statement!  If you don't see your name under "Attending," your reservation did not go through and you will need to buy your tickets again!  Thanks!

Susan Odegaard (Pogorzelski)
Not too late

if you haven't RSVP'd yet, it's not too late!  I'm working with the club to downsize our group, but we can likely accommodate latecomers.  Please don't stay away because you missed the deadline!

Laura Radke
Call your classmate friends

If you know of any classmates that may not have seen the invitation on social media, please give them a call.  I'm sure there are many people that don't use facebook or even a computer much.  Hope to see you and them next Friday.



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